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What are we doing?
Engineering & Consulting

To provide the most suitable solutions and the best service to our customers, our project department works on research and development with all the educational resources needed. All the technological developments in our industry are carefully followed and project versions of today's technologies are applied by our engineers and project departments immediately.


Industrial facilities, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, business centers and similar facilities, medium voltage and Transformer Facility constructions, Lighting, Lightning and Grounding, CCTV, Data systems, Fire-Security and Camera Systems, Generator Project, PLC and SCADA automation applications.


The annual electrical control of the medium voltage and low voltage facility eliminates the malfunctions that may occur during the year and prevents the premature stops and job losses of the facility. Within the scope of this service, general cleaning of medium voltage cells, transformer facility, low voltage main panel and compensation panel, transformer oil test, transformer oil leakage and silicon control, bushing and cable heads control, control of all bolt tightnesses with torque wrench, secondary protection system testing and control of the settings, measuring the current of capacitors in the compensation panel and reporting these studies to the company.

Weak Current Systems

From single-pass systems to multi-pass systems, solutions are produced that control and archive the entrance and exit, and also provide security automation for the building. According to the characteristic of a entry or exit point; entry and exit controls using biometric recognition (fingerprint recognition, hand recognition and iris recognition) with the near field communication card are performed at the highest level. Controlled access systems can be integrated in applications such as EACS (Employee Attendance Control System), visitor, vehicle control and parking automation, fire and CCTV systems.

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